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Grand Master Ziren Aldrimar, "the Kingmaker"


Grand Master, Knights of Theori









Ziren was the youngest son of Henri Aldrimar IV and Zimera Aldrimar's surrogate father.  Ziren was unusually gifted among the Aldrimars and wise beyond his years.  Perhaps because of this, he felt the urge to adventure at a very young age, and ran away from home at the age of ten to squire for a landless knight.

Birth and Childhood[]

Ziren was only six months old when his father Henric Aldrimar passed away  in the spring 1276.  Raised by his mother Mensia of Argan in the court of of his brother Norant Aldrimar, Zak had always felt without a place in his family, and ran away at the age of eleven.  Growing up, he idolized Norant's two sons and left home after learning of Henri's death in 1286.

During the summer festival in Zael, a tournament was held, and Zak was selected as squire by a knight from southern Erazel.  The knight had no idea of Ziren's true name or lineage, and took the boy with him when he left town as his new personal squire.  He told nobody he was leaving, and sent Norant into a panic.  One one of his search parties, Norant was cornered and captured by a band of outlaws hoping for ransom.  He escaped from his captors, but succumbed to his injuries a week after he returned to family castle in Zaksburg.

Life as a runaway[]

Ziren spent nearly a year acting as squire to Sir Edwin before he grew tired of the alcoholic knight and was talked into joining the Band of Merry Brothers.  He left them too soon after, heading north after hearing legends of the ancient northerner's mastery of metalurgy and seeking out a blade of his own.

While on his way to find a master blacksmith in Nordelent, he encountered a small girl, no more than three years of age alone in the woods.  Pity struck him and brought the child with him to the nearest village.  After cleaning her up and letting her rest, she told him her name was ZImera and he decided to bring her home to the royal palace in Mazera.  The girl was not safe there however, and Zak decided to stay with her to protect her.

Adventures with Zimera[]

Return to Erazel[]


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