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Zimera Aldrimar was the sister of Nicolas Aldrimar and the granddaughter of Norant Aldrimar.  After he brother's death in 1289, Zimera was disinherited and Mathev Aldrimar was crowned in her place.  She spent the next ten years in exile under her uncle Ziren's protection.

In 1299 she and her uncle Zak went to investigate a village with whom communications had been lost for the past three months.  There they encountered the druid Cura and her pack, who had been stealing the supplies being sent to the village during the long winter.  Mera was able to win their trust and was able to find a peaceful solution and save the village of Uppalt.  

Zimera later went on to become the 13th Aldrimar .

Early Years[]

Born to Henri Aldrimar V in 1286, Zimera spent the first three years of her life in the care of her royal mother.  After her twin brother Nicolas Aldrimar was sent away to his kingdom of Erazel, she and her mother Gunhilde Galta 

Exile Princess[]

Return to Erazel[]

Queen Aldrimar[]