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Zakal Aldrimar

Zakaran was a lowborn nobleman of Erazel in the late 11th century. He proved himself a capable Knight in the service of first King Henri I, and then Wallim the Conqueror during his invasion of Thol. The lowly knight became a close advisor to both men during his service with them, a fact that helped cement peace in the country for a time. ? After Wallim's invasion of Thol, he was instrumental in sealing away a lich that threatened to overwhelm the kingdom with undead.

Is is also the original author of the Book of Aldrimar, which he began keeping as a journal during his campaign in Thol.

Early Years[]

In his early years, Zakaran served in the castle of Zael for King Henri I.  After showing his aptitude for a 

Wallim's Invasion of Thol[]

As one of Wallim's most trusted leiutenants, Zakaran was charged with capturing the northern city of Ewat.  On his way there, Zakaran and twenty of his men took shelter in a crypt in a hollow where they unknowlingly released the lich Cthax.  It would have been the end of Zakaran if not for the intervention of Saint Theori.

Lord Borbu[]