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Also known as the War of Aldrimari Succession, this civil war began in Erazel in 1294, following Renaud Aldrimar's return home from adventures in the East.  Five years prior, Renaud's uncle Mathev Aldrimar was crowned following the death of Renaud's nephew Nicolas, his claim backed by the powerful lords of House Doryan.


King's Men[]

Those owing their loyalty to King Mathev.  While they maintain a strong grip on the capitol and the surrounding country, their hold on their vassals is tenuous at best.


The Loyalists[]

Men loyal to King Renaud of Volais call themselves Loyalists, insisting that Renaud is the only true claimant to the throne of Erazel.  He is backed by a number of powerful supporters, including the extended House Aldrimar and the Lords of Volais.


  • Renaud Aldrimar - Claimant to the throne of Erazel.  Commander of the First Army.
  • Richard Aldrimar - Duke of Narandric and cousin to Renaud.  Supports Renaud's claim with his Fourth Army.
  • Errad Limos Aldrimar - Commander of the Second Army.
  • Jourdain Erden III - Duke of Narfad and commander of the Third Army.
  • Payen Marche Aldrimar -  Renaud's High Steward.  Responsible for the upkeep of the war effort.
  • Admiral Gwergad Ulnter -  Admiral of the Volatian navy.  

House Doryan[]

While nominally King's Men, House Doryan and their soldiers fight under their own banners.  Though they support the King's rule in Erazel, the Doryan's actually make up more than two-thirds of his forces.  Led by Antoine Doryan I, their loyalty to the King is suspect in spite of Mathev's reliance on them as allies.



A number of lords and dukes have chosen not to take part in the conflict, and instead have declared themselves independent of either King.  Both the Dukes of Ralank and Deos are among them, and have gone to great lengths to keep the other factions from entering into their lands.

The Xalians[]

This heretical cult practices dark arts.  Their numbers have been growing steadily in Erazel, and some suspect even the King may be under their influence.