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The Great Empire of Razenor



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Federate Republic, Empire

Successor States

The Empire of Razenor was once the most expansive territory in the world.  They had been ruled for over a hundred generations by House Raz.  The fall of Razenor came when Draciat Raz, usurped the crown from his brother, and ruled in tyranny for three hundred years.  The Covenant played a critical role in ending Draciat's rule and his Empire.

Several successor states emerged in the old territories, though only Sairethor has lasted until the present day.


Razenor was founded thousands of years ago as a small colony of a great empire frorm the southern continent.  The rural trading village eventually grew to be the greatest city in the world for nearly four thousand years before the city collapsed under its own largess.

Military expansion of the former republic was focused south, first to the Azrin peninsula, and then Sairethor and as far as Byalos.  The Razeni did not initially worry about the northern tribesmen, finding them willing trading partners and sharing many similar customs and traditions  However, Razeni traders crossed into modern Erazel near Palavan where they established colonies along the coast.  In time the colonies came into conflict with the native Nareu, and the settlers were forced to use their superior weaponry and magic against the iron-weilding tribesmen.  After that, tribal chieftands were forced to surrender to Razenor's rule, would keep their laws and pay yearly tribue to the Emperor.  Soon, much of what had once been barbarian land was under Razeni control with relatively little blood shed; nearly doubling the size of the Empire at the time.  Over time the Nareu tribes easily adopted the Razeni language and became full citizens of the Empire.


The Razeni believe they are descended from the refugees of the destruction of the mythical First Kingdom by an eternal winter that left the kingdom covered in a sheet of ice a mile thick.  The refugees formed into tribes, and those tribes wandered the southern plains as nomads for millenia, keeping their traditions alive only through word of mouth.  When they came upon the Valley of Altrhinari, they settled and founded the New City of Men, Razenor.

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