Herenegildo Sestillio Jimast


April 23, 1177


February 8, 1228

Herenegildo was born with little pretensions to a throne.  His father was the second son of Queen Berenguela of Sestil and her husband Amedee Kfet, and while Heren was high in birth and dignity he never had kingly ambitions.

His early life was spent in the comfort of the court of Sestil, and eventually he was appointed a minister of something or other at his uncle, King Ramiro's urging.  Though he was capable, he was not an exceptional minister with little to distinguish his works from those of any other during the reigns of his uncle and then cousin Gundemaro Sestillio Jimast

Due to the Aldrimar Rebellions in neighboring Erazel that had nearly extinguished the ruling House Kfet, Herenegildo was made King of Erazel when he was 48 years old.

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