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Erazel and Volais

The Kingdom of Erazel is a peninsular continent on the western edge of Dvorieth. Following the Orcish Invasion, Erazel has been overrun with refugees, who set up camps outside of the large cities in the south part of the country. The Queen, Zimera Aldrimar rules from Zaksburg, her family's ancestral home while her government runs in Zael. ? In order to curb some of the chaos,? Palavan? has implemented a curfew, restricting all refugees to their camps after sundown and restricting movement in and out of the city without valid credentials.


For more information, see History of Erazel

Erazel's recent history is dominated by the Aldrimar Rebellions, a series of conflicts between the Old Kings and House Aldrimar that led to the eventual extinction of House Kfet and eventually the coronation of the first Aldrmiar king, Henric.


Major Houses

Minor Houses (Counts and small Dukes)

  • House Erden
  • House Draklow
  • Count of Naredon
  • Count of Talres

Cadet Houses

  • House Aldrimar
    • House Limos
    • House Uxerre
    • House Marche
  • House Doryan

Places of Interest[]

Major Cities[]

Major Rivers[]