Draciat was once a Razeni prince who became obsessed with Necromancy, and through it's use crowned himself Emperor of Razenor.  He prolonged his life through unnatural means, ruling for nearly three hundred years before the Great Kings rose up an overthrew him after forging the Covenant.

Draciat's Magic ItemsEdit

Draciat had created three magical armors that enhanced and amplified his necromantic powers.  The left gauntlet was called the Shaper, which could take material and fashion vessels for raised souls.  The right gauntlet was called the Waker for its ability to call the souls of the Dead.  His helmet was called the Binder, for it would bind souls to the wearers will.  Without these items he had been a terrible foe, and with them he became a demon-god over nearly half the world.  During the chaos of his demise, these peices were scattered across the world.