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The Crusade for Byalos


1308 - 1347

Important Factions

The Crusade for Byalos was a major religious struggle for control of Akousta.  It was the third of Iralun's great crusades, and the most drawn out, lasting more than a generation.


After Henric's failed pacification of the Azrin Vale in 1276, the Argan Exiles and other exile groups have backed various Azrin princes in their efforts to reclaim their kingdoms from the tribal Darskals, who by 1310 had all converted to the western Faith.

The kings of the West grew restless, and begged the Holy Father at Iralun to call another Crusade, as had been done during the time of their grandfathers.  They agreed that the city of Byalos should be there goal, because it was the birth place of their holy Saint Yorias.  The kings had hoped for crusades for some time, having grown up on stories of the wealth dragged home in the last one.

History of the Region[]

The War So Far[]